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    New ways of wearing custom T-Shirts

    New ways of wearing custom T-Shirts

    Since tees were invented they have been a key wardrobe element for most of us. Trends have changed and our styles have improved. Nowadays, we have gone beyond simply relegating T-shirts to being partnered with blue jeans because we are partnering tees with skirts, dresses and all sort of other unexpected pairings. At times they are worn solo.

    You have to decide whether to tuck in fully, tuck halfway, crisscross and so forth.

    The following are a number of ways to pull the custom design t-shirts.

    High waist culottes

    Culottes have taken over the runway in the US. They blend well even with custom t-shirts besides dress shirts.

    Custom tees with a fishtail skirt

    Get an easy look with a high-low pairing: a little white custom T-Shirt tucked inside an evening skirt. If worn with some strappy high heels and a choker, the resulting look is a killer one.

    Pencil skirts

    Try the pencil skirt look if you are feeling playful. Wear a custom cheeky white cropped tee with a high waist pencil skirt to complete the look. Pick some pumps too while at it.

    A sequined blazer

    Rock a custom tee with a sequined blazer. This top combo can be complemented by some boots and a micro pair of shorts.

    Pattern play

    You can mix up the motifs of a blazer and a custom tee, but remember to keep the colors consistent. That’s how to pull it.

    Ball gown skirt

    Follow queens around the world as they pair their custom tee with a ball gown skirt and a clutch.

    Trench accessories

    The trench shall elevate your look while keeping you warm. Add a bag to serve as a statement piece.

    Layered jewelry

    Bring out your layers of jewelry and work them with your custom tee and a pair of jeans. Don’t be worried that you might be overdoing it.

    A tuxedo blazer

    To uplift your custom tee and ripped jeans, provide your look with a pair of heels and an excellently tailored tuxedo blazer. Roll up your cuffs and add a little arm party. Thank me later.

    Thigh-High Boots

    That custom T-Shirt could blend in fabulously with a pair of fluid leather thigh-high boots. To go the extra mile, just add a bright clutch and a silk neck scarf.

    Oversized custom tee

    A new way of pulling a t-shirt look is by choosing an oversize. The oversize can be worn with pants, shorts or solo. The sides too can be rolled up along your arms for a rugged look if at all you are interested in one. visit www.cjaysapparel.com



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    Bible Scriptures and Motivational Quotes

    Bible Scriptures and Motivational Quotes

       Everyone needs to see a bit of positive motivational quotes and bible scriptures in their life. Why not start here with a T-shirt that has scriptural verses from the bible and positive encouraging quotes. I want to encourage others to look to God and the Bible for their questions and look at the brighter side of life. Correspondingly, I know some people may be going through hardship in their life, but I believe that people need to see positivity everyday. Bible scriptures represent love, joy, faith and promise. Whereas, motivational quotes can also be encouraging and inspire those to have belief in themselves. Even if you are not so religious or spiritual, be a part of something positive and life changing. visit www.cjaysapparel.com



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