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CJAYS Apparel will maintain a modern distribution facility for the purpose ofsatisfying customers and the communities ever changing needs.


  • Continuous evolution of CJAYS Apparel 
  • Combination of superb quality, prices and variety of products.
  • Unique product mix (clothes, shoes, bags and fashion accessories) in ideal proportions 
  • The world is getting smaller, we want the whole world to dress in style, class and experience unique designs.


  • Adapt quickly to fashion that the public demands
  • We take responsibility for quality
  • We act with integrity in all we do
  • Sell a modern design that the public needs at an affordable price.


CJAYS Apparel engages the strong marketing mix of high quality products, a competitive price strategy adequate distribution channels and ample mouth to reach a long running litany of satisfied customers.

CJAYS Apparel is committed to not only meeting but also exceeding customer’s requirements. Thus, ensuring 100% quality target that is carried out on manufacturing process. The end result leads to the complete satisfaction of every customer and enhanced growth and success of the company.

Our holistic services encompass everything there is to custom  t-shirt making from idea generation to providing solutions like design, print, manufacturing, cost management, delivery and more.

CJAYS Apparel is a solid and strong motivated and focused company that has developed on always up to date and attractive fashion style.

Our team is drawn to aspiring people towards positive change. Motivating people to enjoy what life has to offer and live positively in their life. We are keen on making people happy through our own designs. Although our company is in the path of positivity, we can make an impact in the world, be a part of change and have others follow in this direction.

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