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If you have purchased CjaysApparel Custom t-shirt, please read the following details about our process on washing your t-shirts. There is great information on how to handle the custom t-shirts with care, stay brand new and look in the best condition after being washed.

#1 - T-shirts are to be turned inside out prior to being washed

  • Detergents and friction from the washing machine can be harmful for your garments. Turning your t-shirts inside and out, can help prevent from friction and the effects of the detergent.

#2 - Cold water Only

  • Using cold water is the ‘golden rule’. The custum t-shirts will stay in perfect condition, if washed in cold water, making your t-shirts looking like it came straight from packaging.

#3 - Don’t Soak

  • Your custom t-shirts are not to be soaked for too long as recommended. With that being said, it is not advised to stuff the t-shirts in the dryer. Although, drying your clothes can be very efficient, it can also destroy the material and design. If you want to hang your t-shirts to dry, you may, but remember to not leave it hanging for more than an hour. 

#4 - Don’t brush hard on material

  • Be gentle when you wash your t-shirts. Your clothes may rub against other clothes during a washing cycle, if so dial your washing machine to a gentle cycle.

#5 - No Bleach or harsh chemicals!

  • Your t-shirts can become destroyed entirely, if used with bleach and other liquids with harsh chemicals. The harsh liquids and bleach can cause the custom printed t-shirts to fade.  

Please handle your t-shirts with care and thank you for your purchase!


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